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One Belt-One Road Chinese Initiative as a new model of global economic cooperation

Lecturer:David Aptsiauri Professor

Lecture time:1000-1200 FRI DEC 6, 2019

Venue:Room1111, Wenlan Building

Professor CV

Foreign affairs college of azerbaijan (azerbaijani republic), university of Baku (academic year 2011) European Union economics (EU Jean Monnet project), cooperation between EU and south Caucasus countries, energy cooperation among Caspian basin countries, etc. 2009-2013 invited professors from tbilisi state university, Caucasus university and center for international political and economic relations. 2017-present Beijing university of international business and economics visiting professor, tianjin university of science and technology visiting professor. Academic research activities are conducted in major universities in China, including Qingdao university of international business and economics, shandong university of finance and economics, and Hong Kong poly university of science and technology. Major publications since 1985, numerous articles have been published in Georgian periodicals and newspapers.

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