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Qujiang Forum(NO.99):My Way of Study and Scholarship

Lecturer:Professor Jianxiong Ge

Host:Chuandong Song,minister of Postgraduate Work Department of the Party Committee and Associate Dean of Graduate School



Venue:Report Hall 211, Wenhui Building(Section C), Chang’an Campus in SNNU

Hosted by:Postgraduate School (Postgraduate Work Department of the Party Committee )

Profile of the Lecturer:

Professor Jianxiong Ge,was born in December 1945 in Nanxun Town(now in Huzhou City), Wuxing County, Zhejiang Province.After graduating from senior high school in 1964, he served as a middle school teacher. In 1978,he was admitted toDepartment of HistoryofFudan University as a graduate studentand supervised byProfessor Tan Qichen, andhe got hisMaster's degreethree yearslater. He obtained a doctorate during employment in 1983, becoming the first batch of doctors in China. In 1990, he was awarded“Chinese doctorate for outstanding contributions”by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the State Education Commission.Professor Geis currently a senior professor of liberal arts and doctoral tutor at Fudan University, a member of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, and a librarian of the Central Literature and History Research Institute. He used to be the director of the Institute of Chinese Historical Geographical Studies, director of the Center for Historical Geographical Studies, director of the library of Fudan University and hold other positions. Below are his major works asHistory of Chinese Population (Volumes 1-6, Editor-in-Chief,Authors of Volume I),History of Chinese Immigrants(Volumes 1-6, Editor-in-Chief, Authors of Volume I and II), Population and Geography of Western Han Dynasty,History of Development of Chinese PopulationandUnification and Division: The Enlightenment of Chinese History. Moreover, hehas long been dedicated to the teachingpersistently and selflessly and set up courses such asTheories and Methods of Historical Geography.He is warmly welcomed by teachers and students for sharing cutting-edge academic knowledgewiththem.

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