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The 5th "QuJiang Scholar Forum" of Shaanxi Normal University International business school conference hall academic report arrangement

Report topic:The impact of ERP investment and implementation on firm performance in China: difference and enlightenment

Keynote speaker:Dr. Peinan Ji,Harbin Institute of Technology

Location:Room 1101, MBA center, Wenlan Building

Expert profile:

Ji Peinan, master and doctoral program of management Science and engineering, school of management, Harbin Institute of Technology, CSC joint training of Seoul National University, has published and accepted 7 papers, including 3 Web of Science core retrieval journals (2 SSCI, 1 ESCI), and 2 EI retrieval international conferences. In addition, I have reviewed 2 SSCI papers. During my doctoral study, I attended many international high-level conferences and lecturers, including ICIS 2017 (Seoul, South Korea), ICIS2018 (San Francisco, USA), WeB2018 (San Francisco, USA), and ICED 2018 (guilin, China).

Report topic:Research on scientific and technological knowledge automation based on artificial intelligence

Keynote speaker:penghui Lv associate professor, Hefei university of technology

Time:10:30-11:30 on Sept 6, 2019

Location:Room 1101, MBA center, Wenlan Building

Expert profile:

Penghui Lv ,xian Shaanxi Province, was awarded a bachelor of science degree in PhD, master's degree in engineering and management, and club department of management science and engineering postdoctoral, to whom the entrants "xiangjiang scholars" program, from large data of wuhan university, professor, dean horse fee into the shan-lin Yang academician of Chinese academy of engineering management and the Hong Kong polytechnic university professor chief NiWeiDing Sir. Main research interests are scientific big data and knowledge management, He has published 3 academic works, 4 authorized invention patents, published more than 70 academic papers, and won 3 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. He has participated in many international conferences in his field, presided over international conferences and made academic reports as invited. The paper was cited more than 280 times, the highest number of times for a single paper was more than 70 times, and the h index was 9. Current Journal of Open Innovation: He is deputy chief editor of Technology, Market and Complexity, and editorial board member of the Journal of Advanced Management Science. He is also the reviewer of PLoS One, Scientometrics, Water Resource Management, Energy and Buildings, Recent Patents on Computer Science and other international journals.

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