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Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring agreement signed with Shaanxi Educational Department



On June 10, Shaanxi Normal University signed the Cooperative Agreement on Shaanxi Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring with Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, at a signing ceremony at the Xinyong Student Activities Center on its Changan campus.

SPDE director Liu Jianlin, Shaanxi provincial government educational general superintendent Wang Hengbin, SNNU president You Xuqun, vice president Dang Huaixing attended the ceremony, which was presided over by SPDE Education Supervision Office director Liu Baiyan.

Liu Jianlin and You Xuqun spoke at the ceremony , and Wang Hengbin and Dang Huaixing signed the agreement.

Liu Baiyan read the congratulatory letter from the Ministry of Education’s Basic Education Quality Monitoring Center. SNNU Department of Teacher Education director Xu Guangxi briefed about the progress of work in compulsory education quality monitoring in Shaanxi province.

About 50 people, including officials from SPDE, Shaanxi Provincial Educational Society, SNNU department officials, quality monitoring experts, and SNNU teachers and students, attended the event.

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