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                    SNNU holds Class 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferment



                    In the morning of June 28, the Shaanxi Normal University held a grand graduation ceremony and degree conferment for the class of 2021 on the square the north of the library building.

                    About 4,400 undergraduates and 3,300 postgraduates attended the ceremony, which was presided over by CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Wang Yong’an, and joined by SNNU officials Li Zhongjun, You Xuqun, Lu Shengli, Ma Bohu, Yang Zupei, Dang Huaixing, Li Lei, Ren Xiaowei, Dong Zhibao, Ma Xiaoyun, Li Gui’an, and ex-officials Zhao Shichao, Fang Yu, Gan Hui, Cheng Guangxu, members of SNNU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, officials from departments and schools, and student counselors.

                    In his speech titled“Light Your Road of Advance with the Western Candle Spirit”, president You Xuqun congratulated the class 2021, thanked the faculty and staff for their hard work, and shared the spiritual brand of patriotism, striving, persistence and contribution that every SNNUer cherished.

                    You hoped the graduating students would tie their personal fate with the fate of the Chinese nation, striving for achievements withstanding the tests of the people and history; asked them to inherit the revolutionary tradition and build up their aspiration, integrity and confidence as a Chinese; and urged them to be pragmatic in the future, shoulder more responsibilities and make bigger achievements.

                    CPC SNNU Committee secretary Li Zhongjun, SNNU president You Xuqun presented graduation souvenirs, sandalwood seals inscribed with students' names, to representatives of graduating students.

                    Two students presented the Yiyuan Care Fund donated by class 2021 to Li Zhongjun and You Xuqun as a parting gift to their alma mater.

                    Vice president Dang Huaixing read the university's decision to commend the outstanding class 2021 undergraduate and postgraduate students. SNNU officials and ex-officials presented certificates of honor to these outstanding students.

                    Three alumni were honored as the eighth Outstanding Alumni at the ceremony. They are Shang Yongliang, a class‘81 alumnus of the former Department of Chinese Language and Literature, who was formerly dean of School of Chinese Language and Literature of Wuhan University; Zhang Pingxiang, a class‘85 alumnus of the former Department of Physics, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals; and Bai Xuejun, a class‘88 alumnus of the former Department of Education, who was formerly director general of Chinese Psychological Society and vice president of Tianjin Normal University.

                    CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli read the award speeches. Li Zhongjun and You Xuqun presented the gold medal and crystal trophies to Shang Yongliang and Bai Xuejun, who were able to attend the ceremony. They gave their acceptance speeches and Zhang Pingxiang gave his via a pre-recorded video.

                    Vice president Yang Zupei read the decision to award degrees to the graduates in the first half of 2021, and You Xuqun awarded degree certificates to representatives of graduates.

                    Prof. Liu Shengliang of School of Chinese Language and Literature, speaking of behalf of the faculty members, shared his learning experience and his work experience at a Xinjiang university. He encouraged the students to be patriotic, hardworking, creative and responsible, striving to make greater accomplishments.

                    Cui Lin of School of History and Civilization, speaking on behalf of the undergraduate students, vowed to dedicate her youth to where the country needed her the most, as she was going to teach in Tibet as a basic education teacher.

                    Zhang Jinniu of School of Physics and Information Technology spoke on behalf of postgraduate students.

                    The ceremony concluded in the chorus of the song“Without the Communist Party of China, there would be no new China”, sending best wishes for the coming 100thanniversary of the founding of the CPC on July 1, 2021.

                    This is the first time that the university ever held a graduation ceremony outdoor, which was live streamed on platforms such as Cnwest.com, SNNU video channel, SNNU Weibo, and SNNU TV.

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