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Internship and employment agreement signed with Shenzhen Longhua education bureau



On May 24, Shaanxi Normal University and Shenzhen Longhua District Bureau of Education signed an agreement, for co-building an internship and employment base, at the university’s Chang’an campus in Xi’an.

SNNU vice president Dang Huaixing, Longhua District Education Bureau director Wang Yuxi signed the agreement at the signing ceremony, which was attended by SNNU Career Development Center director Luo Chaoliang, SNNU Teaching Affairs Department vice director Shi Luoxiang, Longhua District No. 3 Experimental School headmaster Zhao Shen.

Wang Yuxi gave an account of Longhua District in terms of its regional advantage and development feaures, focusing on measures such as “Three Famous Project” and “Future Educator Program”, praised SNNU students and graduates who participated in internship programs and have been employed as teachers in Longhua District, and hoped to deepen exchange and cooperation with SNNU.

Dang Huaixing welcomed Shenzhen guests and briefed them about the quality of students enrolled, talent cultivation and construction of quality educational sources for public-funded teacher education students at SNNU. He hoped this agreement would become a good platform for facilitating internship and employment for SNNU students.

Luo Chaoliang and Shi Luoxiang also briefed about SNNU students’ internship and employment, Excellent Teacher Experimental Class and educational practice.

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