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High-level International Professionals Training Base unveiled at SNNU



On December 18, the Innovative Practice Base for Training High-level International Professionals was unveiled at Tin Ka Ping Conference Hall on Shaanxi Normal Universitys Changan campus.

The first experimental class of the base was also inaugurated at the ceremony.

Ministry of Education’s China Center for International People-to-People Exchange director Du Kewei and CPC SNNU Committee secretary Li Zhongjun unveiled the plaque of the center.

CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Wang Yong’an, vice president Ren Xiaowei, department heads, officials in charge of student affairs in schools, and student counselors attended the ceremony.

The base, approved by the MOE in August, will carry out works in career development lectures on international public servants, global governance courses, student interning in international organizations, tutoring and publishing English language international conference papers, and selecting and recommending students for internship in international organizations.

Li Zhongjun thanked CCIPE’s support to the university in talent cultivation, briefed about its efforts and achievements in internationalization, and said SNNU would pull resources to churn out high quality international professionals who were patriotic, internationally-visioned and capable of global governance, so as to better serve China’s open-up strategy.

Du Kewei said that he hoped SNNU would do solid work on the three key steps of curriculum design, teacher training and student internship, so as to help them expand vision, enrich knowledge and accumulate experience in their practice, in an effort to hone their skills and become high-level international professionals in service of society.

Ren Xiaowei explained SNNU’s Implementation Plan for the Innovative Practice Base for Training High-level International Professionals.

Class 2023 master’s program student Song Qiran of the Center for Central Asian Studies spoke on behalf of the first experimental class of the base.

Li Zhongjun awarded the certificate of appointment to Ren Xiaowei, appointing him as the head teacher of the class.

After the ceremony, Du Kewei presented a lecture titled “Training high-level international professionals who are people-to-people exchange minded”.

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