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Parenting the Future wins Golden Tree Public Welfare Project Award



On December 17, the Parenting the Future Project spearheaded by Shaanxi Normal Universitys Center for Experimental Economics in Education won the 2020 Golden Tree Innovative Public Welfare Project Award in Shanghai.

The project, implemented by CEEE team in collaboration with National Health and Family Planning Commission, Shaanxi Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and its municipal and county-level subsidiaries, is an intervention program targeting the early development of children of and under three years of age in rural areas of China.

It focuses on family-based scientific breeding by supporting caregivers improving their parenting skills and parenting behaviors, so as to improve children’s secure attachment and healthy development, consolidating family’s role in child care, protection and education.

Since 2012, CEEE has developed three models in children’ early development through five randomized intervention experiments, and developed a set of scientific and popular materials for parent-child activities: Parenting the Future: Guide for Infants’ Early Development Activities, forming a practical and implementable program in children’s early development intervention.

By the end of 2019, the project has established more than 100 children’s early development activity centers, benefiting 28391 persons, including 9565 children and 18452 caregivers. It has also trained 374 parenting practitioners and provided about 700,000 sessions of One-on-one parenting activities.

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