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2020 SNNU Opening Ceremony held



In the morning of September 14, Shaanxi Normal University held the 2020 Opening Ceremony, at the main venue of its track-and-field ground on Yanta campus and several video branch venues on Changan campus.

New students, including 4512 undergraduate students and 3843 graduate students, began their new life at SNNU.

SNNU leadership and officials Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Ma Bohu, Wang Yongan, Dang Huaixing, Li Lei, Ren Xiaowei, Dong Zhibao, Ma Xiaoyun, Luo Yonghui, Li Guian, Ministry of Education liaison officer Bai Hua, senior professors Fang Yu, Xing Xiangdong, Fu Gangshan, heads of school, institutes, centers, departments and offices, student counselors, military training officers and some teachers joined the students at the event.

President You Xuqun made a speech titled Holding High of the Spiritual Torch of Western Red Candle. Welcoming the new students to the university after the tests and difficulties of COVID-19 outbreak on behalf of faculty and staff members, You hoped the students would understand SNNUs missions and responsibilities and carry on her spirit and culture, in particular the Western Red Candle Spirit: Pursue excellence while rooted in China's west, serve the nation with dedicated educational service.. He told them that SNNU had always resonated with the nation with its loyalty and dedication, contributing to Chinas economic and social development, especially to the basic education in western China.

You promised the university would strive to pave the road for students’ all-round development, and hoped they would become a person with solid knowledge, profound patriotism and a noble soul.

Prof. Xing Xiangdong of School of Chinese Language and Literature, speaking on behalf of the teachers, shared his reflections as an SNNUer and his hopes for the new students.

Tuo Yu of School of Geography Science and Tourism, Guan Wenxin of School of Chinese Language and Literature, Dang Xiaoli spoke on behalf of upperclassmen, new undergraduate students and new graduate students respectively, vowing to shoulder the duties and responsibilities of a new generation of SNNUers and strive for the realization of SNNU Dream and Chinese Dream.

At the end of the meeting, a group of freshmen went up onto the stage to receive SNNU badges presented to them by the university leaders and officials, and they pinned the badges above their chests together with all new students.

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