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SNNU and Xi’an Academy?of?Social?Sciences sign pact for cooperation



On June 22, Shaanxi Normal University signed an agreement for strategic cooperation with Xi’an Academy of Social Sciences and unveiled the Strategic Cooperative Research Base for Characteristic New-type Think-tank Construction at a ceremony held in the Wenlan Buidling on the university’s Chang’an campus.

XASS dean Wang Zuoquan, vice dean Gao Dongxin, SNNU president Cheng Guangxu, vice president Gao Ziwei, Administrative Office director Ma Xiaoyun, Department of Social Sciences director Ma Ruiying, and deans and department heads of School of Philosophy and Government attended the ceremony.

Ma Ruiying briefed about the background of this cooperation, saying it was a move to implement Ministry of Education’s Plan to Advance the Construction of Chinese Characteristic New-type Think-tank in Higher Institutions, as well as an important measure to assist in the accelerated development of Xi’an city and exploit the opportunities brought by the One Belt One Road Initiative.

Cheng Guangxu welcomed the guests, thanked XASS for their trust in the university and briefed them about the profile of the university and the achievements made in the field of humanities and social sciences in the past few years. He said the cooperation was significant in bringing out the strengths of both parties, boosting SNNU’s disciplinary development, and making the decisions in local economic and social development more scientific and sustainable. He asked the researchers to focus on the development trends of Xi’an city in the next ten or twenty years and work on prospective, strategic long-term applicable research projects, so as to meet local demands and provide references and evidences for the decision-making by Xi’an municipal government.

Wang Zuoquan briefed about the development and strength of XASS and said he believed this new mission between two old friends would improve the concerted innovation between higher institution and research institution and increase their ability to provide decision-making consultancy service. He hoped the cooperation would soon turn out major achievement.

Gao Dongxin and Gao Ziwei signed the agreement on behalf of the two institutions, and Wang Zuoquan and Cheng Guangxu unveiled the name plaque of the base.

After the ceremony, SPG deans and department heads held a discussion session with XASS guests about the detailed plan to carrying out the cooperation. SPG dean Yuan Zushe thanked XASS for its trust and support and vowed for full cooperation and commitment.

Text by Feng Wei

Photo by Zhou Ying

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