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Guanxue Studies Series edited by Liu Xuezhi wins China Publication Award



On April 23, the Guanxue Documents Collation Series chief-edited by Prof. Liu Xuezhi of Shaanxi Normal University has been awarded the Book Award in the Sixth Outstanding Chinese Publication Award at a ceremony held in Beijing.

This 26-kind, 33-volume book series published by Northwest University Press is the only official award for publications of Shaanxi province at this award.

Another book series, A Collection of Painted Chinese Folk Clay Sculptures, published by Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House, has been nominated for the Book Award.

Previously, books published by SNNU Publishing House have won book awards in the third, fourth and fifth Outstanding Chinese Publication Award.

Sponsored by Chinese Publishers Association, the top publishing award commends outstanding publications in three categories: books, audio-visual products and electronic games, and research papers on publication.

100 out of 876 books published by 484 publishers, 30 out of 298 audio-visual products and electronic games, and 30 out of 163 papers were commended. Another 101 books were nominated for the award.

Text by Feng Wei

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