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SNNU and Changji University sign new counterpart-aid agreement
On July 14, Shaanxi Normal University vice president Ren Xiaowei and visiting Changji University president Zhang Jianren sign...


SNNUers win two gold medals at 14th National Student Games
Two Shaanxi Normal University students, a swimmer and a sprinter, won two gold medals at the 14th National Student Sports Gam...


SNNU help Jinggu and Yanhe counties make breakthrough in 2021 Gaokao
Jinggu No. 1 Middle School in Yunnan province and Yanhe No. 3 Middle School in Guizhou province have achieved historical brea...


SNNU education projects in National Social Science Fund second nationwide
Ten education research projects of Shaanxi Normal University are supported by the 2021 National Social Science Fund, which is...


SNNU holds Class 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferment
In the morning of June 28, the Shaanxi Normal University held a grand graduation ceremony and degree conferment for the class...


Natalia Tsareva honored with Xi’an Friendship Award
On June 14, Shaanxi Normal University’s foreign teacher Natalia Tsareva, a Russian national, was honored with the 2020 Xi’a...


Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring agreement signed with Shaanxi Educational Department
On June 10, Shaanxi Normal University signed the Cooperative Agreement on Shaanxi Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring wit...


Key Lab of Folk Song Smart Computing and Service Technology approved
On May 17, the Key Lab of Folk Song Smart Computing and Service Technology submitted by Shaanxi Normal University was approve...
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