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     The University houses two main libraries located on the Yanta Campus and Chang’an Campus respectively, with an extensive print and manuscript collection of more than 3 million cataloged volumes, nearly 2800 Chinese and foreign periodicals, and 159 newspapers.

     The libraries are landmark buildings of our university. The classic, solemn Yanta Campus library was built in 1956, while the majestic Chang’an Campus library was built in 2002; the two structures have a combined floor space of 59,000m2.

     In addition to the books and journals, you also have access to a host of electronic resources including more than 1 million e-books, 19,000 Chinese and foreign electronic journals, 90 customized databases of different research categories and the field-specific documentation corpora of teacher education and local chronicles.

     The libraries provide a variety of learning and research spaces and facilities, including 3578 seats in 27 reading rooms and 362 computers, opening 14 hours a day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Alongside traditional library services, we also offer self-service facilities, in-house copying and binding service and Wi-Fi access.

     Across campus, you can also find several specialist libraries or reference rooms in our schools and departments with more subject-specific services.

     Making “Readers First and Service Foremost” its mission, the library provides comprehensive services to the teachers and students of the University through scientific management.

     In line with the current trends in library development, in addition to its print documents, the library is accelerating its digital construction, integrating the traditional library with the modern virtual library, in order to provide reliable document and information support for the teaching and research of the University.

     Learn more at the website of SNNU Library (in Chinese).

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