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Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship for International Students



Institution to Apply to


Chinese Government CSC  Scholarship

- Full Scholarship:  Tuition free, living allowance (varies according to the type and category of  students), settlement fee, medical care, transportation
- Partial Scholarship: some of the above

Chinese  embassy / consulate in applicant’s country (In some countries, the  authoritative department responsible for sending students to study abroad)

Jan to  April

Confucius Institute  Scholarship

Tuition free, Living  allowance: RMB1400-1700 yuan / month

Confucius  Institute/Chinese embassy or consulate in applicant’s country

Feb to May

Pearl Int’l  Scholarship

RMB2000-4000 yuan /  year

Shaanxi Normal  University



Note: Please check with the institution in charge for eligibility, for some scholarships are only open to a specific group of students for application.

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