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International Teachers

International teachers are an important part of our faculty, who bring with them expertise to our campus and help broaden the vision of our faculty and students alike.

     In 2013, SNNU invited 35 foreign experts (teachers) to work on our campus, who were from the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Philippines, and Russia.

     Thirty of them were language teachers, teaching English, Japanese, German and Russian to foreign language majors and undergraduate and graduate students in other majors.

     Another five foreign teachers taught courses and conducted research in other fields and majors in the International Business School, International School of Chinese Studies, School of Physical Education, School of Politics and Economics and the Research Center for Religious Studies.

     Natasha, the Russian teacher at the School of Foreign Languages, was acclaimed with the “Special Contribution Award” at the annual celebration of 2013 Chinese Teacher’s Day.

     For more information on International Teachers, please contact:

     Mr. Meng,

     International Expert Affairs Section,

     International Programs office,

     Tel: 86-29-85308761, E-mail: ipo@snnu.edu.cn

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