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Campus Life
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Housing Accommodation

     Housing and accommodation facilities are available for residents and visitors living or staying on campus. Discover more:

     For Chinese students, when they are admitted to the university and come to the university for enrollment, they are assigned to a dormitory operated by the university’s No. 1 Logistic Service Group Company under the supervision of the Student Affairs Department and the Logistic Service Department.

     For international students, they are advised to contact the university’s International Student Office for detailed information about the on-campus living options before making decisions and reservations.

     For visitors (guests, parents, friends, etc.) who may need to stay on campus for some time, the following information may be useful:

Qixiayuan  Hotel

Location:  Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308971

Xueshulou  Hotel

Location:  Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308844

Boshilou  No. 1 Building

Location:  Chang’an campus

Tel:  86-29-81530777

Chinese  Restaurant at Xueshulou Hotel

Location:  Xueshulou Hotel, Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308434

Chinese  Restaurant at Qixiayuan Hotel

Location:  Qixiayuan Hotel, Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308763

Western  Restaurant at Qixiayuan Hotel

Location:  Qixiayuan Hotel, Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308431

Business  Center at Qixiayuan Hotel

Location:  Qixiayuan Hotel, Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85307773

Laundry  Service

Location:  South of Xueshulou Hotel, Yanta campus

Tel:  86-29-85308334

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