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Campus Life
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Canteens and Restaurants

    Several canteens and restaurants on both campuses serve to cater for students, faculty and staff members, including Muslim restaurants and western-style cafes. At most of the services, only the Campus Card is acceptable for any consumption, i.e. cash is not acceptable.

     Also within easy reach are restaurants and cafes off campus, especially the ones on the famous Shidalu (Shida Road) near the Yanta campus and opposite the north main gate of the Chang’an campus.

     Major Canteens on the Yanta campus:

Xuezi Shifu (Students’ Canteen)

Moxiangzhai (Muslim Canteen)

Yuanding Mianshiwu (Teachers’ Noodle  House)

Taoliyuan (Peaches and Plums Garden  Restaurant)

Major Cantees on the Chang’an campus:

Yuanguanyuan (Sunshine Garden  Canteen)

Yixianglou (Fragrance Building  Canteen)

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