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     Athletic participation helps our students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they use and develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills. SNNU values the lessons taught by athletic participation: the pursuit of excellence through personal growth and teamwork, ethical and responsible behavior on the field and off, adherence to the spirit of rules as well as to their letter, leadership and strength of character, and sportsmanship – respect for one’s opponents, acceptance of victory with humility, and acknowledgement of defeat with grace. In teaching these lessons to its students, SNNU instills habits which will lead students to better and healthier lives and will lead them to succeed throughout their lives.

     Each year, SNNU sends its teams to participate in various sports events, ranging from field and track, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, swimming, dragon and lion dance, to Go chess, and enjoys great achievements in international, national and provincial competitions such as the Universiade, National College Students Yings Cup Go Competition, All China University Tennis Competition and China College Students Volleyball Competition.

In addition to these competitive sports activities, campus athletic events and activities like the annual SNNU Sports Meet and the Table Tennis Match, Badminton Match and Swimming Race for Faculty and Staff and the fitness checkup prove to improve teamwork and help create an energetic and healthy campus.

     The “Physique and Health Assessment and Evaluation Center” sponsored by the School of Physical Education serves the students and conducts research in physique and health.

     With its state-of-the-art sports facilities and the expertise and service of its researchers, professionals, coaches and referees from its faculty and students, SNNU have hosted many sports events as well as academic in recent years.

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