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     As an inclusive campus culture is essential for an active campus atmosphere and fostering good moral character, SNNU focuses on creating a diverse campus culture and orientates students towards its motto of “Morality, Learning, Aspiration and Action”. A wide range of free academic lectures, cultural festivals, campus activities organized by various student groups invigorates the university.

     Year-round cultural events on SNNU campus like the Freshman Welcome Week, the University Arts Festival and the Academic Forums create a rich cultural atmosphere and a unique university experience. Schools and departments also hold cultural activities with their own characteristics, such as New Year Evening Gala, Students’ Art Works Exhibition, and Vocal Solo Concert.

     Shaanxi Normal University features a vibrant arts community. We encourage our students to express their creativity and think critically about the arts, both in and out of the classroom.

     Shaanxi Normal University sits in the Xi'an city, one of the most ancient capitals in Chinese history. The university is proud of the visual and performing arts that are prominent in our academic programs and in campus life.

     Students are encouraged to explore their academic and creative interests in the arts. They can use university studios and practice spaces; work one-on-one with innovative and distinguished faculty members, many of whom are artists themselves; and join in local artistic life. Students can design art exhibitions and perform in various music, dance and theater groups, showcase their work in the university's art galleries and a variety of exhibition spaces on campus, pursue their musical interests on campus through an exciting range of instrumental and vocal programs and groups, as well as take advantage of many local artistic resources.

     The SNNU community is alive with art and culture. The School of Music present regular music, dance and theater stage productions each year, and our campuses are abuzz with numerous other university and/or school-sponsored music performances. Student-run groups and local professional ensembles offer additional outlets for artistic expression on and around campus.

     The Zhongnan Concert Hall on Chang'an campus and the Jixuetang Hall on Yanta campus are the main performance venues on campus. SNNU students are fortunate to have the Xi'an Concert Hall and Xi'an Art Museum just blocks from campus.

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