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Shaanxi Normal University offers a wide variety of academic programs, some of which are among the nation’s best. Students can choose from more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

     The University currently has four national key disciplines, 18 first-category disciplines conferring doctoral degrees, 36 first-category disciplines conferring master’s degrees, one professional doctoral program in Doctor of Education, and 19 professional master’s programs (including nine master of engineering programs).

     The University offers 69 undergraduate majors, with 11 majors being recognized as National-Level Specialty Majors and 22 majors as Provincial-Level Specialty Majors.

     Nine of its courses are listed as National-level Premium Courses and 47 Provincial Premium Courses. 

     It also has three National-level Bilingual Demonstrative Courses, three Provincial Bilingual Demonstrative Courses and one English-instructed Brand Course for International Students.

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