Online Learning (Open Courses)

Online Learning (Open Courses)

The Open Course Resources Sharing Platform of Shaanxi Normal University serves as a hub and platform for learners' easy access to courses in philosophy, socialstudies, economics, finance, physics, chemistry, education, psychology, literature, arts, history, geography, management, computer science, etc., offered by institutions such as the Yale University, Stanford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Taiwan National Jiaotong University, Beijing Normal University, Xidian University, as well as Shaanxi Normal University.

Visit the OpenCourse Resources Sharing Platform.

Learning Resources Sharing Platform

The Learning Resources Sharing Platform of Shaanxi Normal University provides abundant video, audio, courseware, image and other types of resources in the categories of computer, courseware, e-books, teacher education, physical education, foreign language learning, politics, history, professional certification, specialized courses, etc.

Visit the Learning Resources SharingPlatform.

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