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History at a Glance

The University, situated in the ancientcapital city of Xi’an, one of the four internationally renowned historical andcultural cities, was founded in 1944 under its original name, ShaanxiProvincial Teachers’ College, and then renamed Xi’an Teachers’ College in 1954.In 1960, it merged with Shaanxi Teachers’ College to become Shaanxi NormalUniversity. In 1978, it was brought under the direct administration of theMinistry of Education of China.

-         1944 Shaanxi Provincial Teachers’ College

-         1949 Normal School of Northwestern University

-         1954 Xi’an Teachers’ College

-         1956 Shaanxi Teachers’ College

-         1960 Shaanxi Normal University

-      1978 Becoming an institution under direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China

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