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- Administrative Office

- Discipline Inspection Commission

(Supervisory Dept. / Audit Dept.)

- Organizational Dept.

- Publicity Dept. (News Center)

- United Front Work Dept.

- Students Affairs Dept.

- Public Security Dept.

- Talent Work Dept.

- Human Resources Dept.

- Teaching Affairs Dept.

- Teacher Education Dept.

- Dept. of Discipline Construction and Development Planning (Office of World-class University and Discipline Construction) 

- Graduate School

- Science and Technology Dept.

- Social Science Dept.

- Lab Construction and Management Dept.

- Dept. of Planning and Finance

- Audit Dept. (Office of Internal Control)

- International Programs Office

(Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs)

- State-Owned Assets Management Dept.

- Dept. of Informationization Construction and Administration (Office of Network and Information Safety)

- Graduate Career Development Center

- Capital Construction Dept.

- Dept. for Retired Faculty and Staff

- Office of Procurement and Bidding Management


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